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Becky's Letter

Dear Jesus Laughing!!

I just wanted to respond to the call to testify to my experience with the picture of Jesus Laughing.

I am involved in a ministry called Walk to Emmaus. To make a long story short, we sent a lady, I had known for years, on this walk ministry. She did not have a personal relationship with our Lord and she was always laughing and or crying. The walk consists of 3 nights and 4 days stay and we were surprised that she didn't back out on the call to go, to begin with, but she went.

The second night she was ready to go home, but we didn't respond to the cry. On the third morning she was pleading to get with a family member to take her home. They prayed and still didn't respond.

She asked them to get her a picture of Jesus to help her focus. I overheard and felt burdened to find the picture. The last thing I heard as I walked out the door was that she is a traditional lady and she wanted something traditional, Ha! Ha! They didn't know Jesus and me together, huh%3F

I went to every store in town and couldn't find anything, until the Lord directed me to the Bible & Book Store. I walked in and I saw all kinds of pictures, but none quite hit my spirit until I saw the one of Jesus Laughing. It was beautifully framed in gold and I loved it. I could even hear a message, He had prepared, that would speak to her spirit. The problem was that it cost $55.00 and I didn't have the money and I didn't want to ask the family for it, so I just prayed. God will make a way. I thought, I can write a check and go borrow the money to put in the bank. I walked around praying about it and came back for another look. After all, I thought, they did say traditional.

When I got back in front of the picture on the wall, God directed my eyes onto the wall beside it, and there was an unframed picture of Jesus Laughing for $8.00. I went wild and for a moment, I forgot about the lady and wanted it for myself. After all I could afford this!

Anyway, I bought it and went looking for a frame. As I was on that journey, the Lord reminded me of a gold frame tucked away in my closet, I had never used. I ran home, got it out and sure enough, it was perfect. He had me type the message, to her, that spoke of her life and what He had planned for her. I finished it and took it back to the meeting and on the way Jesus and I had a good laugh about that traditional stuff.

I placed the picture on a table and prayed as the family came out to view it. I sneaked a peek and noticed there were tears in their eyes. I peeked again , as they called her out to get the picture, and I cried. She was receiving the message and tears were flowing, as she sobbed.

She accepted Jesus into her life, that day, and she has the picture hanging in the best room of her house, right by the front door. To this day, she doesn't know I was involved.

The next time I was at her house, she told me the story of the picture by her door. WOW, do you know what that did for me%3F God has literally changed her life. Believe me, I could write a whole list of things He has done.

Now remember, that was the only unframed picture the book store had and I wanted one. I am a housewife, with two small children, and we are self employed. Our needs are fully satisfied, but our wants , sometimes, have to be put on hold, typical of self employment. I went back to the store to see if they had anymore unframed pictures, I wanted one, I could afford that, but they didn't have any, so I just prayed.

My husband went on the next Walk to Emmaus, and they collected care packages from previous walkers. When he came home, I was going through his package and I found a black and white copied picture of Jesus Laughing, 3 x 5 in size. Again, I was all excited, I put the picture on my computer, enlarged it and put three of them on my wall. That satisfied me, for a while,then I started thinking I wanted the original one in color, so I looked up Jesus Laughing on the net and found you.

I also saw some music advertised, and as I looked through the list of songs, I saw a title Jesus Laughing by Karen Peck. I told my friends about it, and one of them bought it , for me, for Christmas. I was amazed, I could have written the song myself, it clicked!

Many people pass through my house weekly, and I have been able to set them in a chair, point them to my three copied pictures of Jesus Laughing hanging together, I then reach over and punch PLAY on the song Jesus Laughing, and God does the rest. I've seen tears flow while saying, "how can He love me so much%3F" Others just receive Him.

I'm sorry about copying the copy, but I'm now prepared to fill my wall with the original painting.

I was raised in a total of 26 homes, as a foster child and I felt like I could never reach anyone's standards or fit in. I was pressed down, oppressed and everything in between. I've been a Born Again Christian for 16 years and I've seen good times and bad times, falling down and getting back up. I've seen Jesus dance, in my times with Him, and I've heard or felt Him weep. Now I can say I've seen Him laughing, laughing at the enemy to my soul, laughing at my mistakes and just plain laughing with me .

What a pleasure! What a healing! and What a joy He is. I hope this helps someone out there. I have many walls in my 13 room house, and I could fill them all with the face of my Lord. I would like to bless every soul I encounter with the concept of Jesus, our Brother and King, laughing.

Thank you so much,
Becky S.
Greenville, Ohio

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