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Karen's Letter

I guess I will begin by telling you that I am a walking miracle of God and the reason that I say that is because the Lord delivered me from a long drug addiction. I don't know if you are aware of the statistics on crack addiction but the failure rate is 99% but PRAISE BE TO GOD that our Lord isn't bound by statistics or anything else.

I was addicted to crack cocaine for 6 years of my life and I lost everything. I had tried many times to overcome this addiction but couldn't. I had been in treatment several times, moved here and there and still would always end up using again until JESUS. Anyway, I went to the alter one Sunday like I had done before, but this time I must have really been sincere in my asking for help because, from that day forward, I have been delivered from drug addiction. The Lord restored the life that was destroyed.

During my addiction, I had lost my husband, daughter, home, several cars, reputation, good jobs and pretty much everything that I had ever owned, but God restored my life completely. The Lord gave me another chance at a life in Him. I now have a wonderful husband, a wonderful relationship with the daughter from my first marriage that I lost custody of during my addiction, was blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Hannah, and I was blessed with a wonderful career but most of all I had a life in Jesus Christ. Anyway, through the years that I have been free from drugs, I have seen how God has reassured me that I was, in fact, Delivered from drugs.

One of the ways, that I realize now, God was telling me that I was free from that bondage, was when I got pregnant with my baby Hannah. I was very afraid, when I found out I was pregnant, because I didn't know if I could live through losing another child, if I relapsed, and also, I was very afraid that because of all the drugs I had used in the past, that my baby might not be normal. Needless to say, my pregnancy was filled with fear and anxiety. I look back now and realize that was my first sign from God that I was delivered from addiction, and that He was blessing me with another child, because he had delivered me and restored me. My second sign was only about 9 months ago when I was at work.

Our company was bought out by a very large company and we moved to the corporate offices downtown. We had only been there about a week, when a co-worker, and I, went out looking for some place to eat. After turning a few corners, I realized I was right in the neighborhood where I used drugs during my addiction. I drained white and my body filled with fear. I immediately turned around and went back to the office. My mind was racing, thinking things like what if I am at lunch with co-workers and one of the people I used drugs with saw me and came up to me, or what if I got weak, and with the area being right here, I slipped up and used. All these thoughts were pounding in my head. I immediately went back to my office and called my Pastor, crying my eyes out, asking why? Why would God bring me this far, and then let me end up working right here, blocks away from a past that I never want to think about again? We prayed and I went home.

That night, while I was sleeping, it was as if God spoke to me while I slept. I woke up, the next morning, with a peace that could only come from God, and I knew why!! God allowed me to find my way back there to let me know that I didn't have to fear that place because I was delivered. I had no need to fear because God was there with me. I drive down that road, almost two or three times a week, and don't even think about the past.

God assured me that, what the devil tried to use to kill me with, was nothing that I had to be afraid of. I could LAUGH in the face of the devil. Those two times in my life, when I was fearful, is now clear to me that God wanted me to know in my heart, that He gives good gifts, and by His Grace, I have been delivered.

Now when the devil tries to throw my past up in my face, I just LAUGH along with Jesus. I used to be afraid somebody from my past would bring it up in front of people, that are in my new life now, and I was afraid of that. Now I know, that if that happens, I will be giving my TESTIMONY of what JESUS has done in my life, and not confessing to my new friends deep dark secrets.

What the devil made me think, that I had to keep people from finding out about, is what I am telling people about. I'm telling people about the POWER of JESUS and how he can walk with us, and we can LAUGH at the devil together, because we serve a MIGHTY GOD.

Karen B.

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